Desserts For Your Yom Kippur Break Fast

Breaking the Yom Kippur fast is usually a big affair filled with family and friends. Everyone is of course hungry after a day without food or drink, and looking for anything to eat.  The break-fast party has become a common event, as a moment for gratitude and coming together, capping off ten days of contemplation, self-renewal and rededication to the path of righteousness.

Yom Kippur Dessert

L’shanah tovah tikatev v’taihatem

The party is great, but assembling the food can be a chore, particularly when you are hungry.  Our favorite parties involve everyone contributing a dish, so the hostess does not have to be responsible for feeding every hungry stomach. Some people call in a caterer for help.

Let The Sweet Tooth help ease your fast.  If you are the hostess, we can provide a basket filled with assorted chocolates and baked goods, including our legendary rugalach.  Our baskets come in all sizes, so there is always the right amount for your crowd.

If you are attending a break-fast event, a basket from The Sweet Tooth is the perfect hostess gift. Always appreciated – always delicious.

We can deliver the baskets to your home before the holiday, to make things easier for you.  Our products are always Kosher, and available in dairy or pareve. Order online or call us today at 305-682-1400.

L’shanah tovah tikatev v’taihatem.  Have an easy fast.

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