Time For Congrats and Chocolate!

Graduation Sweets From The Sweet Tooth

Graduation Sweets From The Sweet Tooth

It’s the season of caps and gowns, tassels and diplomas!  When the month of May comes every year, there is one thing you can expect: graduation!  There is nothing more anticipatory than the moment when a new grad moves the tassel on their cap from one side to the other, knowing that they have worked so hard for an education.  It calls for a celebration!

With 2015 graduation approaching, you may be racking your brain for an appropriate gift to surprise your favorite grad!  More than likely, every grad will receive gifts they will appreciate, but won’t really want or need.  It’s the thought that counts, but wouldn’t you rather give them something special?

One thing that every young graduate will appreciate is a gift basket from The Sweet Tooth!  Imagine how thrilled they will be when they come home from their graduation ceremony to find a custom basket created just for them!  Who wouldn’t want to indulge in their favorite treats after a celebration?  Give them something they will love (and eat)!

For those of you throwing a party for your favorite grad, look no further for a dessert!  The Sweet Tooth offers a wide variety of options, including the Brownie Basket and the Pretzel Tray, which will make party planning a snap! We can cover you with baskets filled with an assortment of our famous treats.

Your guests will love these decadent sweet treats!

Make the day one to remember with a gift basket from The Sweet Tooth!  Every graduate deserves something special and something sweet!

If you have questions or would like assistance with your order, feel free contact us.

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