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Everyone mourns the loss of a loved in various ways. For Jewish families, that way is called sitting shiva. The online resource, describes shiva as, “ the traditional ritual of the mourners in the seven days after the burial. Traditionally during the period of shiva, mourners sat on low stools or boxes.” The sitting on stools is where the phrase, “sitting Shiva” derived from.

Shiva and Sympathy Baskets From

Shiva and Sympathy Baskets From

The concept behind shiva is to provide a structured time for the mourners to gradually heal and to resume their regular activities. Shiva begins immediately following the burial and upon departing the cemetery and returning home. During this time, mourners do not work or attend celebratory events, such as parties or concerts. The point is for them to remain home in order to minimize any distractions that could deter the healing process.

Family, friends, and community are responsible for providing meals to the bereaved, because those in mourning stay at home and refrain from cooking,  Shiva baskets are commonly given as a customary condolence gift. Food is good for both body and soul, and a tasteful basket shows that you care.

Sympathy, bereavement and shiva baskets from The Sweet Tooth include comforting chocolate treats, freshly made cookies and rugelach, truffles, chocolate bark and other delights.  We also offer tasteful fruit arrangements, nicely dipped in chocolate, comprised of your favorite fresh fruit. The Sweet Tooth uses only the freshest ingredients to hand-make its artisanal chocolates and sweets.

The Sweet Tooth will hand deliver Kosher shiva baskets anywhere in the North Miami Beach area. All our products are Kosher and we also provide dairy, pareve, and sugar-free options. Our shiva baskets come in a variety of sizes and prices ranges.

For more information on Shiva baskets or our other fine products, feel free tocontact us.

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