Passover Treats Without The Toil

Passover, the Jewish holiday that celebrates Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt where they had been forced to toil as slaves under Pharaoh, is a solemn holiday where families get together to mark the dazzling escape. Like most Jewish holidays where friends and family get together a large and traditional meal is served. The Passover meal is called a Seder. As the holiday has been celebrated for thousands of years leavened products are excluded from the Passover table. This is because the Jews in their haste to exit Egypt did not have time to let their bread rise, so as they crossed the desert to freedom they had only unleavened bread.

Large Seder Plate

We offer a wide variety of cakes and baked goods along with chocolates that would make a perfect ending to your meal.  All of our products are certified as Kosher for Passover products and are under the supervision of Kosher Miami. We will even deliver to your house, so you have one less errand.

We have several delicious flourless cakes available that include chocolate, strawberry chocolate and a cinnamon pecan apple ring. If cookies are more to your liking we have the official cookie of Passover, the chocolate covered macaroon. For the young and the young at heart we have Passover lollipops in the shape of bears and a colorfully decorated chocolate tray featuring the ten plagues.  These are just a few of our many choices to add a sweet touch to Seder.

If you’re attending a Seder as a guest or simply want to send a gift to your Jewish friends for their celebration The Sweet Tooth can provide something not only appropriate, but delicious and memorable.

Products include dairy and pareve selections. We hand deliver throughout south Florida and ship nationwide.  Contact us to order your Passover goodies.

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