How to Thank Your College Admissions Counselor


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Before you head off to the college of your dreams, be sure to thank those who helped you along the way. Here are four ideas for a unique and amazing thank you gift for your college admissions counselor.

Right choices? Did your counselor help you find the perfect college when you weren’t even sure you were going to make it through high school? Celebrate graduating with a basket filled with graduation caps and graduation lollipops. Your counselor will appreciate knowing that you recognize how he or she helped you get this far.

Sports scholarship? Maybe your skills were on the athletic field or court, and you are going to college to play ball. Counselors are crucial for not getting lost in the sea of paperwork needed for collegiate athletics. We have a wide range of sports related products including soccer ball gift baskets made of chocolate, golf themed baskets, and football statues. We can also add your college colors and pictures of your mascot to the gift basket, which will make it unique to you.

Dreams of stardom? Perhaps you have dreams of stardom, and your counselor pointed you towards schools that let you study painting, dance, music and acting. You can fill a basket with top hats, bongo drums, or movie clap boards. Before you move into the spotlight, your teacher will remember the dramatic flair you added to an amazing thank you gift.

Essay editor? Senior year is full of essays for scholarships and college admissions. If your counselor edited your work, let them know they are a superhero for literally dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s. You can also remind them that their efforts are worth a million dollars, complete with pictures of you.

If you are ready to give the perfect thank you gift to your college admissions counselor, please contact us. We are ready to make the perfect custom basket for you needs.

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