Global Chocolate Shortage?

Holiday Chocolate Gift Basket

Holiday Chocolate Gift Basket

The New York Times reports that there may be a looming global chocolate shortage, and some manufacturers are raising prices and cutting quality.
The Sweet Tooth is a family owned business and committed to using only the finest ingredients. We only use the highest quality chocolates and our customers can taste the difference. The New York Times OpEd piece states that consumers are getting “more packaging and less chocolates.” We see that all the time with gift baskets from big box stores – lots of paper and plastic, but short on the treats. Our chocolate gift baskets are stuffed with high quality, hand-made chocolate treats made daily in our own chocolate factory.  Angus Kennedy, of Kennedy’s Confection magazine, stated that “my prediction is that [manufacturers] will develop more fake type chocolate products for the new markets.”
Our advise is to buy from a company you know and trust, who makes their products fresh in their own store – buy your holiday gift baskets from The Sweet Tooth.

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