Don’t Forget Your Mishloach Manot This Purim 2016

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Purim is soon, starting the evening of Wednesday March 23.  Jews will celebrate the Book of Esther and the time that we were delivered from Haman’s plot by Queen Esther and Mordecai. Time to get on your costumes and drown out Haman’s name during the Megillah reading. That means it is also time to obey the mitzvah of sending portions. At The Sweet Tooth, we are dedicated to helping you fulfill this duty by making the finest Purim gift baskets and chocolate treats for mishloach manot.

We have a wide selection of Purim baskets in different sizes and shapes to cover all your bases for mishloach manot. They fulfill the two-food rule handily with grape juice, solid chocolate hamentashen, traditional hamentashen, rugelach, brownies and assorted chocolate truffles. We even include our traditional chocolate groggers and chocolate masks. They come with colorful ribbons, too, so your recipient can truly get into the festive spirit.

We can help you get creative this Purim. Are you giving the kids their baskets Purim morning? Stuff their Purim gift basket with our fruit arrangements. We have pear and chocolate baskets that will work for breakfast. Do you know that the person the mishloach manot basket is going to favors a particular treat? Your recipient will love the Purim oreos and shalom plaques we carry.  If they have a big sweet tooth and really love chocolate, we have a Star-of-David chocolate box to contain the goodies. We even have chocolate hamantaschen.

We can also customize your basket. If your synagogue is sending your mishloach manot and you want to make sure it will work for anyone, we can meet your needs. We have a host of fine quality vegan and pareve options for the recipients who need them, and you can be certain we will accommodate any special shape requests.

Of course, one of the most important mitzvah’s of this holiday is giving to the poor, and The Sweet Tooth takes that seriously. We do Purim fundraisers for Jewish organizations, and if you want to know how we can work together, contact us.

Whether you want help with fundraisers or need mishloach manot in a hurry, we are here for the holiday.

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