Cozy Up To Rugelach This Winter

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Rugelach From The Sweet Tooth

“Rugu-what?” you might wonder if you didn’t grow up with this long-loved pastry. Rugelach is a traditional Jewish treat enjoyed throughout the year, including Shabbat and Hanukkah. It has been translated from Yiddish to mean “little twists,” “little corners,” or, some say, “royal.” “There is no other Jewish sweet that has gone more mainstream than rugelach,” Joan Nathan writes in Jewish Cooking in America. “Basically a crescent-shaped cookies…it is also called kipfel, cheese bagelach, and cream-cheese horns of plenty in this country. The yeast-based and often butter or sour cream-based dough in Europe was usually rolled out into circles, cut into pie shapes, covered with nuts, raisins, sugar, and cinnamon and then rolled up like pinwheels.”

Traditional tales claim that the pastry was created to commemorate the expulsion of the Turks from Austria in 1783. The crescent shape of rugelach was meant to evoke the symbol of the Ottoman Empire so that the people could symbolically eat their foe.

Nowadays, devouring a rugelach is more about enjoying the simple, sweet pleasures of life rather than avenging any rivals. “There is no resisting Rugelach,” Emma Christensen, recipe editor at, raves. “They’re buttery, flaky and just the right amount of sweet.”

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