Chocolate’s Patriotic History

Holiday Chocolate From

Holiday Chocolate From

Chocolate has a long history in America. From its domestication thousands of years ago in Central and South America to its prevalence on candy shelves across our nation, chocolate is a key part of American culture.

During the colonial period, true patriots drank chocolate instead of tea, which became a controversial drink due to its connection to unfair British taxes and being tossed in the Holiday Chocolate From TheSweetTooth.comBoston Harbor. Revolutionary War soldiers were issued chocolate as a part of their rations. Chocolate also served medical purposes, such as helping patients gain weight and energy while recovering from the debilitating diseases of the day.

Colonists thought chocolate was such an important treat that they smuggled it past British blockades during the Revolutionary War and, later, the War of 1812.

Now, in the 21st Century, we now know the joy of eating chocolate in addition to drinking it. We serve it in a variety of shapes and sizes and use it to cover nearly anything edible.

So as Independence Day approaches, as well as other patriotic holidays like Memorial Day, D-Day, and Flag Day, we recommend you continue the tasty traditions of our nation’s Founding Fathers. Instead of pie, bring a chocolate gift basket from The Sweet Tooth. Chocolates from The Sweet Tooth can be made into any shape you want and can be red, white, and blue for your Independence Day event.

With The Sweet Tooth, you can get plenty of chocolate for patriotic gifts, party favors, and yourself. If you are ready to celebrate patriotism with your taste buds, then contact us.

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