Chocolate Is Not Only Delicious, But Can Be Healthy As Well

ChocolateChocolate From The Sweet Tooth, Florida, that glorious confection first developed in Mexico and Central America, is one of the tastiest foods ever created. Whether in the form of a bar, as an ingredient in a dish, or crafted into an appealing shape, chocolate can be the end of a good meal or something to eat on a special occasion. However, in certain cases, chocolate can also be healthy.

The Mayo Clinic reports that chocolate, especially dark chocolate, contains certain flavonols that in turn have antioxidants that contribute to heart health. They can help inhibit cell death than can lead to heart disease. They also can reduce blood pressure and contribute to good vascular function. Some studies suggest that chocolate can contribute to one’s cognitive abilities. Evidence even exists that suggests that chocolate can help prevent heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. However more research is needed before that last assertion can be confirmed.

Does that mean that everyone should rush out and add chocolate to their regular diet? The idea may be a good one, but as in all things it should be done in moderation. Additionally, some chocolate confections have added fat and sugar, which can cause obesity and diabetes if eaten to excess. That doesn’t mean that one should not consume them, but it may be a good idea to save such for special occasions. In a way, that makes chocolate confections all the more special, relating them to happy occasions like weddings or holidays, especially Valentine’s Day, with which chocolate is associated more than with any other day of the year.

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