Three Occasions For Artisan Chocolate

There’s never a bad reason for custom-made artisan chocolates. Here are 3 that just cry out for chocolate made specifically for the event.

Sports Team Celebrating End of Season

Sports bring people together, and when they do, there are frequently parties to celebrate the togetherness. Tailor the chocolate refreshments to the theme of the season with chocolate in the shape of the team mascot. You can have them made in the team colors. If none of that seems right, you can have a chocolate award cup made so everyone can feel like winners. Your teammates will love the festive feeling they will give the party.


Everything that lasts a while deserves a birthday. Companies, marriages, and nonprofits can all celebrate their number of years accomplished.

How about making truffles in the recipients favorite flavor? Or making chocolate coins with messages about the company? You can celebrate how long your local animal shelter was open by making chocolate plaques with cats and dogs on them for table decorations. Anniversaries are a good time for personalized mementos, and making sweet, edible things last in the memory long after the anniversary party has faded in the background.

Celebrating Milestones

Everyone accomplishes something in their life. Publish their first novel, get the first kid in to college, win a gardening competition- each life gets its own highlight, and chocolate molds just can’t keep up. That is why these special celebrations need artisanal decorating. Make the chocolate in the shape of the freshly-published book, inscribe messages to the graduate on sweets and make truffles in the flavor of the gardener’s favorite rose. The recipients will appreciate the thoughtfulness and the other celebrants will like appropriateness.

The Sweet Tooth has a long history of making chocolate in specialized shapes and flavors. We have made life-sized dresses and purses, balls and table decorations. Since we make everything in the store, we can make your chocolate to match your occasion while keeping it completely kosher. So when you have a special event, contact us.

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